Shipping: (Domestic) United States, Canada, International Rest of World

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic which has cause many of us to change our schedules. With that being said deliveries are taking much longer than we expect them to but, we are working hard to make sure that you have your orders in a timely manner.

Once Items have been shipped and in the hands of the United States Postal Services and any other Mailing services your products are in the care of those service. And at this point you should be given a tracking number by which you will be able to access the process of your package or packages.

Once we receive your order, your order will be processed normally within 3 business days.It may take up to 5-7 business days for shipping Then depending on which shipping time frame that you choose will be added on top of that. Normally Customers will receive an e-mail from us when the order has been shipped.

Orders are only processed on Business days Monday through Friday. Saturday and Sunday are NOT considered Business Days.But, since the pandemic we have brought on staff to work on these days keeping safety first and maintaining orders for all of our valued customers.

*Please note that we have warehouses all over the world, therefore if you order multiple items, they may arrive at different times**

*All Digital Products E-Books,Etc. will be Downloaded to your E-mail. Immediately after your purchase to your E-mail. There are NO! Hard Copies being mailed. There is NO! Refunds on any Digital Products Period!**

We at K Doodle Pup Shop appreciate your patience during this time and will keep you updated with information as soon as we are able to relay it to you. 

Thank you, K Doodle Pup Shop