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   Hello, It's Your Girl, Karlonty


My Desire is to work with women of faith that have undergone TRAUMA of any kind.? In their past using Dogs and Fur Babies as their healing tool. Did you know? Your Dog or Furbaby can be trained to be therapy dogs as well?

Ladies, we are always thinking of others and nurturing others. We wear many hats, we are multi-tasking running here and there. We feel like it’s OK? 

Your thing may not be the Golden Doodles breed? or even dogs? We are here to help you find the companion that you so desire, whatever it is we support you.

Here at Pawsative Partnerships LLC, Nothing makes us happier than seeing families smiling from the results that they receive from us. Our passion is to support you in having happy healthy lives for you and your Dogs, Fur Babies.

Since our fur babies depend totally and completely on us; they deserve the very best that we can provide them. Pawsative Partnerships LLC, the goal is to elevate the standard of design and products and provide stylish, dependable products.

Are you searching for a fur baby and need help doing that? You are in the right place. If you have already purchased your fur baby? We got you.

Let us know what you are looking for and desire to have done? When it comes to personalizing, designing, and any concerns you may have?

Click our "CONTACT US" BUTTON Leave detailed information about your personal ideas you may have.  Or simply give us a call (567) 214-5040 or simply send us an e-mail admin@kdoodlepup.com  for a more intimate we can set-up a zoom conversation as well.  Our goal is to provide that unique, Personalized Design. That will spark conversations with others for you and your Fur Babies. 

We at Pawsative Partnerships LLC

Thank You, for your time and Business

Your Girl! Karlonty 


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