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Finding A Breeder Can Be Frustrating?

Now, that you have decided to look for a Breeder? What do I do? And how do I go about choosing the right Breeder?


What will work best for me and my family?


We understand that there are many different types of doodles, and every Breeder may not work for you and your family?


What are some of the questions to ask a potential Breeder? Let's talk about the Health issues that Goldendoodles have? 


There are many different types of Doodles. Since this is true and it is, then deciding what type of Goldendoodles you are looking for?


What Do I do?

  • You will need to determine what matters to you?
  • Decide what kind of Goldendoodles you want?
  • Doing the research to make a real decision.
  • Goldendoodles come in at least 7 different colors and at least 5 different patterns

How Do I Find the Breeder for me?

  • Finding a Breeder can be done by asking others who have Goldendoodles?
  • Researching on Google
  • Join Goldendoodle Facebook groups 

     What Questions Do I ask?

    • What is the health history of both parents?
    • What types of exercise are required?
    • What is the schedule of shot records?
    • What food do they eat?
    • How often do they eat?
    • Will the potential breeder allow visits to see and hold them?
    • Are they educated about the breed and willingly giving detailed information?
    • Goldendoodles have different health issues, the Breeder should be willing to discuss those health in full details.
    Here is a list of health issues that you can use to ask a potential breeder?
    • Atopic Dermatitis 
    • Epilepsy 
    • Cranial Cruciate Ligament Rupture 
    • Patellar Luxation 
    • Hip Dysplasia 
    • Progressive Retinal Atrophy
    • Von Willebrand’s Disease 

      Finding a Breeder can be very challenging, and in some cases frustrating.


      No! one likes to be Frustrated? Right?


      Well, having the right information will help ease Frustration.


      And assisting you with training your adorable,cuddly, Goldendoodle. To be a Happy Healthy Goldendoodle successfully. And to have a long live span as much as possible.



      Wouldn't you agree, this would be something that will help you on your journey? Right?



      Well, Do Me a Favor and Click the link below...And Be on your way to a Happy Healthy Goldendoodle...  

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