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Does your Doodles bring you JOY?

 Are you someone who Loves bringing JOY to others? Does it hurt you when someone is mistreated? Are you sensitive to others and their needs, wants, and desires?

Does this sound like you? Then I have something just for YOU! What is it somewhere you can be apart? Somewhere you MATTER! Somewhere you can be apart of a Family... Have fun without Judgement. Be somewhere that you can kick your shoes off and pull up the chair and relax...

There is nothing like feeling... like you don't matter, Right? Everyone, wants to be heard and appreciated. Sometimes people can really be cruel and down right disrespectful to others and their feelings.

Some people may, or may not understand that this what they are doing? Then others do it on purpose sparking a response from you that will give them some kind of enjoyment or satisfaction.

Do you agree? Well, if this is something that has resonated with you, then join  Joys of Doodles family.

Where in this community you can truly be apart of something that will allow you to feel free and be yourself respecting others while we are doing so.

Having Joy and bringing Joy to others.Is this you? Jump In we are here for you. 



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