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Zippy Dynamics

TRENDY Collections

TRENDY Collections

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TRENDY Collections offers a lightweight fashion option for your pup. Featuring contemporary designs, your furry friend is sure to look their best while staying comfortable. With its breathable materials, your pup can enjoy the perfect balance of fashion and function. 10% OFF @ CHECKOUT

Recommended Seasons:
Spring, Fall, Winter

Owner's Benefit:
Spend less time cleaning your house and your dog after walks through dirty/wet/dusty environments.

A cool military green color with gray-orange gives your dog a modern look.
Durable materials that withstand years of wear and tear.
A near full-body fit that protects your dog from head to paw, helping to keep dirt and insects away.
A versatile design that keeps your dog comfortable on cool or cold days.
A soft quilted material (on both outside and inside) that shields your dog from wind, light rain, and snow while maintaining freedom of movement.
An incorporated harness right on the garment.
A handy latch on the base of the neck makes putting the garment on your dog quick and convenient.
A lined Double Zipper that allows for a tighter or looser fit around the body and that will not catch on your dog’s fur.
A front Elastic Insert that accommodates dogs with larger chests. Additional elastic inserts ensure freedom of movement.

Care Instructions:
Wash in cold or warm water
Gentle cycle
Mild detergent
Hang dry
Do not bleach
Do not iron
Do not dry clean

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